I travel a lot these days (mostly for Angular Boot Camp, but sometimes just for fun, and usually for both at the same time). I’d like to meet more folks in the places I visit, so this is an attempt to make it easier for those folks to know where I’ll be and when I’ll be there.

From Until Where
2019-Apr-15 2019-Apr-19 Pittsburgh, PA, USA
2019-Apr-29 2019-May-04 Salt Lake City, UT, USA (for ng-conf)
2019-May-05 2019-May-11 Budapest, Hungary (for the CRAFT Conference)
2019-Jul-14 2019-Jul-18 New York City, NY, USA
2019-Sep-18 2019-Sep-20 London, UK (for AngularConnect)

Get in touch if we’ll be in the same place (or close enough) at the same time. I’d love to meet you!

Last updated 2019-Apr-01